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Why use angle seat valve

The angle seat valve is a pneumatic valve. It is widely used in food and chemical processes, sterilization machines,
high pressure sterilizers, dry-cleaning machines, clothes dryers and beer equipment, especially in steam piping systems and production lines.

It has following features & Benefits:
1 Compact pneumatic actuator
2.Piston sealing:NBR
3.Position indicator
4.High flow rate
5.Pilot connection can be rotated  360°
6.Attachment convenient installation

Specifications (PTFE Seals)
1.Temperature Range: -10-180°C
2.Max Working Pressure: 25bar
3.Valve function: 2/2-way valve,double-acting - Normally closed/open

End Connections
Threaded --3/8" to 3"
Tri-Clamp --1/2" to 3"
Butt Weld --3/4" to 3"
Flanged  --1/2" to 3"

Typical Applications
Sewage treatment
Air Drying Equipment
Process Control Applications
Laundry Equipment
Textile Dyeing & Drying
Bottling & Dispensing Equipment
Ink & Paint Dispensing
Food & Beverage, Refining, Desalination,
Petrochemical, Chemical, Pharmaceutical,

Working Principle
The operating principle of as angle seat valve is the same as the check valve. However, the Y-shaped valve body equipped with pneumatic actuator expands the flow cross section of the valve chamber. This makes the fluid steadier and increases the flow rate by 30%. Meanwhile, the flow direction of medium is changed, and smaller pneumatic actuator can be equipped.


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