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Ball Valve

  • Underground welding ball valve
Underground welding ball valve

Underground welding ball valve

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  • Product description: Underground welding ball valve
Underground welding ball valve
Normal Dimension : DN15-DN1000mm, NPS 1/2"-40"
Working Pressure : 1.6MPa~ 4.0MPa,
Working Pressure : ANSI 150LB~600LB、
Body Material : WCB、A105、F11、F22、F304、F316、CF8、CF8M、can be customer featured.
Ball Material : A105、F304、F316、can be customer featured.
Stem Material : F304、F316、can be customer featured.
Seat Material : PTFE、RPTFE、PPL、PEEK、M111、Metal sealing
Drive Operation : Hand wheel, Worm Gear, Pneumatic, Electric, Hydraulic, Electro-hydraulic, etc.
Service Medium : Water, Gas, Oil, Natural gas, Sour, Acid, Alkali, Corrosive medium, etc.
Option Characteristics : All body, ball, stem, sealing material can be customer featured according to high pressure or high temperature,